Williscroft & Co expand

2nd May 2013

In April 2013 the Legal Aid cuts kicked in. On the same date we expanded by opening an office in Keighley after seeing an increasing number of people coming from the area seeking help.

In response to the cuts, which we believe could leave many vulnerable people exposed and unable to get the legal representation they need, we have introduced a unique new fixed fee scheme designed to help people pick and choose help based on their budget. The fixed fees provide reduced rates for legal advice.

In addition, we have launched a mediation department to assist those who do not want to go to court, or are unable to do so because of the lack of availability of legal aid. Our new expert mediator is Alexis Walker and she works in our Bradford Office. Legal Aid is still available for mediation and this service will give people the opportunity to resolve thier disputes in a less confrontational way without the long lasting negative effects of a court battle. 

Contracted with the Legal Aid Agency. Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Reg.No. 67202.

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