Karma Nirvana Roadshow - Forced Marriage

29th June 2016

On the 14th June 2016 a few of us attended the Karma Nirvana Road show in Bradford.

Speaking at the event was the founding member Jasvinder Sanghera who gave a truly inspirational and informative talk.

Jasvinder talked about how she had fled home; escaping a forced marriage. She told of how her other siblings had been forced into a marriage but for some reason she was the one who said no, took the drastic action to leave home and was disowned by her family as a result. It was emotional to hear how she had found out that her sister, who had been forced into a marriage and was a victim of domestic abuse, had killed herself and that that event did not change the entrenched views of her family.

For those of us who are privileged to work with victims of forced marriage, it reminded us that the support we can offer is so crucial to those escaping forced marriage and that the reality is that we should encourage them to look to their future. Never should it be suggested to them that their families may come round because this may give them false hope and stop them from rebuilding their lives.

We also had the pleasure of hearing from another survivor of forced marriage. She told us how she always wanted to be a fashion designer. However, her family told her that she would be getting married and then would not work, so what was the point of her education. She also left home and is now a confident young woman who has fulfilled her wish to be a fashion designer. She was a lesson to all those who feel without hope, there is a life waiting for you out there.

Karma Nirvana runs a helpline for victims of forced marriage 0800 5999247.  Their Website is full of advice and information  www.karmanirvana.org.uk

For legal advice on forced marriage please contact Williscroft and Co on 01274 305380, 01535 600973 or by email at williscroft@williscroft.co.uk


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